Me in Starbucks today

  • Decently Attractive Guy:I like your shoelaces.
  • Me:Ummm.... thank you?...
  • Decently Attractive Guy:You're welcome.
  • Me:*orders my tea*
  • Me:*waits for my order*
  • Me:*looks at my shoes and see that my laces are boring, brown laces that match the leather*
  • Me:WHA!?
  • Decently Attractive Guy:Marry me?
  • Me:Buy me a sandwich?
  • Decently Attractive Guy:Nice legs, Daisy Duke's makes a man go...?
  • Me:*Nigel Thornberry snarl*
  • Decently Attractive Guy:Ah, I'm more of a 'SOILED IT!' kinda guy.
  • Me:Is this real life?
  • Decently Attractive Guy:Turkey Chipotle ok?
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